908 Lehto Lane, Lake Worth, FL 33462


The American Finnish Club (AFC) - Kerhotalo is the oldest Finnish hall in Florida. Kerhotalo (aka Kenttahaali) is a good example of what team work can build. Unanimously the members of Kerhotalo decades ago built a hall by trusting only their own efforts. They started from scratch only growing to full bloom with member enthusiasm. The founders of Kerhotalo were ordinary Finnish immigrants, who were dedicated to their common goal and were eager to make every effort to reach the goal. The first festivities were held April 7, 1946. Since then Kerhotalo has grown to be a home for many different activities - choirs, dances, card games, plays, gymnastic teams, library, movies, and since 1967, bingo, which is still played every Sunday afternoon. The hall was and still is truly a second home to many members.


American Finnish Club Mission Statement

The American Finnish Club strives to promote:

• The Cultural Value of Finnish Customs,
   such as Dress, Food and Drink, Language, Craftsmanship,
   Athletics, Entertainment and Travel.

• Opportunities for identifying Finnish perseverance and endurance ‘Sisu’,
   through Finnish Cultural Events such as Festivals, Concerts,
   Dances and Sports.

• Preservation of Finnish Cultural Artifacts for
   Future Generations.

• Education of the Public of Palm Beach County
   concerning contributions by the Finnish People to the
   American Heritage.